Why is it that vital to involve our child in the arrangement of his room?

Coming in the kids’ room, we are moving into a world of fantasy. We open the invisible entrance and instead of the usual four walls we observe the walls of the castle, the deck of a pirate ship, a meadow on which magical unicorns calmly nibble the grass.

dinosaur mural
Prepared by: Davis Staedtler
Oryginal: http://www.flickr.com

Ideas for the design of a child's bedroom are as endless as the kids’ imagination.

The abundance of ideas is nearly stunning. Nowadays, in every DIY store we can spot colorful ornaments, triggering sensitivity and fantasy, components that we are able to successfully apply to the kids’ room equipment. Let's start with photo wallpaper. It is a quite popular method and at the same time pretty low-cost. We can cover the whole surface with a wallpaper on which figures from a preferred fairy tale become alive. By the way, we can stimulate the interests of our child: if he has a particular consideration for the sky and the astral bodies, why not memorialize on the wall the image of a great solar system? If he wants to spend all day on the sports field, let a remarkable football player appear on the wall.

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Decorative - łącze - stickers are a perfect idea to color the bedroom without having to cover the entire surface. Herbal motives, stars, dawn, cars, dinosaur murals - stickers come in different sets and very diverse sizes. We can easily match them to the dimensions of our child's area. And just applying stickers in various arrangements will be a great entertainment. It is absolutely worth involving the kid.

When preparing the kid's room, let us return to the time of our childhood, let us consider what was attractive, magical and interesting for us then. Let's look at our children, let them be an inspiration for unusual interior design projects.

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