Rearranging the flat: why are walls so significant and which ideas may be applied?

Walls may play a meaningful role when it comes to the Decorating. Not only they determine the borders of particular room, but also may create the atmosphere of the whole place.

Colours affect how people feel in the space. The walls ought to be coherent with the whole design.

It is obvious that kids’ room is frequently more multicoloured than the rest of home space. But it does not imply that living room or dormitory need to have boring, plain walls. A wide variety of wallpapers is available in internet shops. Thanks to that, the modern patterns like some geometric figures may be placed on the wall, but also more subtle motives - like plants, polka dots or lines. The other attractive choice is a mural. That composition may present some landscape, the charm of nature or the things like limousines or still life. Wall murals are not difficult to apply and they can have various sizes. Internet shops offer colourful murals for children. Here the well-known animated characters are shown. There is a possibility of putting the mural only on one wall - the other three can remain plain. The advantage of this picture is the high quality and endurance. The sunlight will not cause that it fades. Murals may be very realistic. Sometimes an amazing perspective is shown there, for instance on the viaduct or jetty.

wall murals
Prepared by: Ruth Hartnup

While rearranging of the flat, the walls ought to be taken into account.

The modification of their colour can make the whole apartment more warm and bright.

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It is good to remember that not only furniture and decorations can create the climate of the place.

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